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forum in that blue oval. the o'reilly factor is next. good knit, see you tomorrow night. >> welcome to the glenn beck program. all week we've been closing the case on the argument made last year, tonight asking for your full attention as we close the case on the structure being put in place to fundamentally transform america. this is the last critical piece of the puzzle you need to understand. and you need to understand why it's being done, and how they're doing it. but first, let me share good news with you. i don't know if you've heard it yet but president obama decided to fulfill his campaign promise. giving clearly eight times to put the health care debate and all negotiations on c-span. due to mounting pressure announcing today he will open up the health care debate to the american public and broadcast the congressional
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proceedings on the bill on c-span. for one full hour. i call that an info meshl. that should be plenty of time to fill in citizens on every detail of the 2500 page bill, don't you think? they'll need the bill that will fundamentally transform the republic. and they'll say this president doesn't listen to the little people. get ready for an important hour helping you understand what, why, and how progress yifz are changing the structure of the nation. >> i want to start with a personal note. by the way hello, america. i don't know if i've ever told you why i believe some of the things i do or how i began the journey into believing what i do. it's funny that uber-left
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tries to discredit me by calling me a conspiracy theerist because i've made thun of conspiracy people. but sometimes, it's just plain in the open and have you to be willing to look at it. they're not conspiracies when they're true and open. we've been closing the case this week on all of the things that we talked about last year because... um... he we have to move on. we can't still sit here and say, gee i wonder if this is what they're doing wex have to move to the position of what are we going to do about it now? that is where we start next week. more and more americans are finding themselves where i am. in a place where you don't want to believe the stuff that you know do, even stuff you would have thought a year ago was crazitown. but you do believe it because you're honest with yourself and promised yourself, as i have to seek the truth no
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matter how many times you think about it and how many times you think, oh, my gosh what does this mean to the future of the children? if it makes me a pariah so be it. it's the truth. not stuff i want to believe. but everything is in jeopardy. our children's future is at stake. do you believe your children will be better off if things continue this way? that they'll be better off than you are? for the first time in my life i do not. every president has said it. our founders said it. america is the world's last and greatest hope. you don't really have a choice and to deal with the facts as you find them if you want to stand as a guardian of freedom. if you find them and don't like thet, oh well sork be it. they're the facts. my daughter came to me about two years ago and i have been
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a usa kind of guy. i love this country. i love the founders. and i tried to instill those values in my kids. she decided she's going to go to college and wanted to study ancient history he said what? she said i'd like to be indiana jones without scary spiders and whips. i said why don't you major in american history? she looked at me and i mean, this was, like an arrow through the heart. she said, dad, i can't. she said i don't... i don't think you know american history. and said every tichl i get into it, seems like bad guys show up and then, they win. i was broken hearted. my daughter believed lies being taught. i told her i was going to prove her wrong. well, a couple years later and many, many, many books and papers and conversations with
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esteemed professors later i discovered she was more right than i cared to believe. the founding of the country was miraculous. the industrial age gets dicey. then, progressive era, all been erased from history changed everything. what really opened my eyes is this book. i mean does this look boring? given to me by robby george, a professor at princeton university. very respected professor. i started finding out about early american progressivism. he gave me this book. it's written by a friend of mine. wood row wilson and roots of modern liberalism this, is my son drawing a picture of me on the front. he's five. it does have a striking resem blens to me.
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it's one of the most boring books you'll read. it's eye-bleed boring. but i learned things about our nation i prayed were not true. i didn't go here, i went other books on progressives then went to the words themselves z the more i read, the more sad i became. because i saw their influence and i saw what they said up. they started a hundred year time bomb and planted it in the early 1900s mainly with this guy. woodrow wilson. one evil s.o.b.. bad dude but he wasn't alone. republicans had their guy as well. teddy roosevelt. a guy i thought i liked. i had a bust of teddy roosevelt in my house. i use it now as a door stop. only the real elite recognized what is going on. i showed you progress yifz mainly led by fdr and woodrow wilson learned how to use the
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media and then law schools starting in 19 20s to transform america slowly because they tried to do it quickly and honestly and out in the open under wilson but it failed. you see, in early 20th century progressives were very popular, then, early part with woodrow wilson. until policies began to unveil themselves this progressives brought us the fed. how is that working out for you? income tax? pretty sweet, huh? idea they can decide for what is best for you. and would control your diet and what went into your body. does this sound familiar? transfats? they brought you prohibition. the final straw in this era when they started to bury it was when wilson decided war could be the, this war could be the war to end all wars, remember that? that didn't work out, did it? they said would it end if
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there was a giant global power, woodroy row wilson wanted the league of nations. something americans rejected not first, but only after a long debate. wood row wilson added to the debate he took a train to drum up support for the league of nations. he clamsed from exhaustion. he continued his speech. that led to a stroke. for a long time nork one in congress saw him because he was so debilitated. he wasn't in charge of the faculties to the last two years of his administration. his wife just held the pin in his hand and then signed bills. before the stroke, he was on a tirade. he thought the american people were just too stupid to understand does any of this sound like today? he didn't want what he perceived was god's will thwarted and said it won't be. so he pushed against american
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will and swore in the end that god's would be done and there would be a global league of nations. well... he went on and then, came a couple other presidents and then, fdr, then, the war. the seeds he planted grew into the 20s and 30s into the new deal and a huge disconnect from the america our founders understood and established. finally, after world war ii, the united nations appeared. what is interesting is that prose gresives how they applied hard lessons they learned from the league of nations. and it was the same group of progressive buzz this time there was no debate. and what did they learn? they couldn't win with the people so there wasn't one. no. no, no debates. they started a massive pr campaign. think of this with global
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warming. debate is over. and there is a pr campaign using celebrities or politicians. they'd destroy their opponent. anything and everything but debate with opponents. does any of this sound familiar to you? it should and everybody in the progressive left is using it. let me play what hillary clinton said. >> i prefer the word progressive which has an american mean goinging back to progressive era at the beginning of the 20th century. consider myself a modern progressive. >> read up. this will make your brain hurt. but read it, please there. is nothing american about progressivism other than it started here. but the roots frr europe which is weird. while we're studying with people like woodrow wilson europeans were looking to america. the statue of liberty was not built with motivation to thank
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america. the motivation of those who built it in france was an encouragement to france to be more like america. you know the painting that now sits in the metropolitan museum? this is a copy of the painting of george washington crossing the delaware paint bid an american-born german. as an inspiration to encourage germans to be more like americans. and that is happening europe and they're saying look overseas progressives were saying look overseas to what's happening in europe. they were studying european way, elite were teaching their philosophies now in our universities, teaching nietzsche and marx and progressives flourished in it. i get heat for bringing up facism but it's the roots leading to facism.
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early american progressives for for the facists in the early 20th century. read history. you can call me names. read history, show me where i'm wrong. the reason why i bring up hitler is because what he didment of the things had roots, their seeds here in america. the biggest example is eugenics leading to extermination camps. this was a progressive idea. eugenics which led to those camps. you see, the progressives in america always thought that they were superior. the stupid people were just slowing us down. hitler took that to the next level as did stallion. tactics haven't changed much since then what. do they do? watch. they build a structure, then make it so darn complex people don't understand it. and then, they avoid debate. most importantly, they've got
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to move quickly. and silence any of the dissent. if that doesn't work if they can't silence you, they bribe you. if that still doesn't work, they'll destroy you. again, does any of this sound like today? we see this in the work and tactics of this guy. saul olinski who said, quote, the man of action sues issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. he has no other problems and thinks only of his actual resources and possibilities of various choices of action. he asks of ends only whether they're achieveable and worth the cost of means only whether they're work. wow. that is incredible to me. but you don't have to go back to the 1960s. robert kramer a convicted felon who according to david axlrod wrote a blueprint for
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the health care this, is it. he's a convicted felon, he wrote this in prison. what did he say about destroying your enemies? well, wrote about me. it's important for the targets of the smear machine thark would be me to push back and use whatever kinds of means we can to prevent him for continuing these reckless charges. they know that they can't bribe me or silence me or indoctrine yait me. i'm a living human being that uses my brain. try to find the answer. so... all that is left is to destroy me or you, if you think like me. you see them doing this in congress to their people what. amazes me about health care is that this has not been a debate. >> here at the finish line, as we stand here, we're not standing alone but those who laid a trail ahead of us, champions of health care from
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president peter roosevelt to our good friend who is with us in spirit, ted kennedy this, is why we came here and hired out for the jobs. passing something historic and important like this. >> very hois storic. starting with roosevelt mpl. a progressive. notice he wasn't referring to the g.o.p. there. they were invited to this. they can't stop it. the g.o.p. could all vote no but can't stop it. the struggle has been within the democratic party. the traditional democrats and the radical uber-progressives well, how did they bring democrats together with the democrats? how did they do it? well, it's easy. just follow these things we've learned. like hillary clinton said. first, bribes. >> deal has been cut in senator read's office saying waits cut with pharmaceutical companies and deal cut with
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the a.m.a.and with hospital association. i don't know what the deal was but we'll find out what the deal was like the deals were cut... >> and this -- i can't walk through the hallway without bumping into one of the lobbyists. if he is interrupting he would have violated terms of the senate. i thought he would have learned them by now. >> we have the deal obama made with supposedly evil pharmaceutical companies they're the bribes then on this program broke the story about the nea called by the white house to use federal dollars through arts endowment to create art for health care. >> oh, mrs. . denying this until playing the tape. >> this is just the beginning. the first telephone call that branded new conversation. we're just now learning how to really bring this community
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together to speak with the government. with that looks like legally. we're still trying to figure out the laws of the putting government web sites on facebook and the use of twitter. this is being sorted out. we're participating in history as it's being made. bear with us as we learn the language so we can speak to etch other safely and legally. >> speak to each other safely and legally. the whi house says no. it's just that one guy. until we played the tape. >> i'm at the office here at the white house. our office does a lot of outreach to communities across the country. i would by issue. we have about 20 folks and we work under valerie jarrett she's one of our fantastic leaders and tina chen. we're here and want to be helpful to you. >> working for valerie jarrett. the woman that the president
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calls family. no matter how many times they claim i'm crazy and just make things up it's really hard when you hear their voices or see their faces as words are coming out. they say wire not engaged in indoctrineation. really? here sit on the fox news talk show accusing agency of propaganda efforts similar to those used by nazi germany. let me break here for just a minute. do you know who nazi germany learned propaganda from? this man. this man in world war i. if you read the words of gesh yils they learned propaganda from us. now back to what she was saying here. what this blog was saying. now, tossed overboard making him beck's second victim in the campaign to rid the administration of perceived radical an yarkists and all other matter of influences
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boy. yeah. i'd hate to have those people gone. saying they haven't done it but the proof is in the product. this is art created with your tax dollars through nea. there is health care fr all. indoctrineation and bribe z then, the final tool what. is that? oh, yeah. you've seen it a lot. that is next. hey, coach, seeing you really brings back some great memories. wait a minute, coach, you'reoach. you taught me everything i know. you taught me everything i know about nutrisystem. heck, i lost -- two sports legends, one simple way to lose weight and eat great: marino, shula, and nutrisystem for men. start your year off right. order now and you can get two weeks of meals free, plus, the all-new jumpstart kit, our secrets to ultimate weight loss. like i was saying, coach, with nutrisystem -- let's go to the video. dan "glam man" marino lost 22 pounds.
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all right. before we went to break we talked about the system of what they have to do here to get anything passed these progressives. they have bribe and indoctrinate. if these don't work then they have to get newscasty. they're going to silence you.
2:23 am
that couldn't be happening right? not within their party right? >> senator has spoken 10 minutes. >> i wonder if i can ask for an additional moment? >> in my capacity as senator from minnesota. i object. >> really? >> and okay. i've been around here 20 some years first time ever ever seen a member denied an extra minute or two to finish his remarks. and i must say that i don't know what's happening here in this body but i think it's wrong. >> it's wrong. i know joe lieberman and i don't always agree with him. i sometimes disagree with him but he's a decent man wh. he said oh, really he was stunned. i don't agree much of anything with john mccain but i do believe he's a man of honor, he, too is stunned.
2:24 am
john mccain says i don't know what's happening in this chamber. oh, john? why don't you stop idolizing theed dor roosevelt and read what he wanted to do followed by woodrow wilson? i blame you. i blame joe lieberman and i blame al franken and all of those that stood by while they watched the constitution being shredded. i blame you because anyone who swears to uphold and defend the constitution should know it's history and the history of the early 20th century progressives. these progressives and republicans and the democratic party have decided to embrace, encourage and many ways become part of it. pro gressive movement is not an american constitutional ideology. it's more akin to early italian facism than to the founding fathers and anyone who wants to say there he goes again, calling progressives
2:25 am
facists, remember history. put it into the history context. charles beard in "the new republic" wrote on amazing experiment is being made here in reconciling individualism and socialism. politics and technology. would be a mistake to allow the feeling aroused by contemplating harsh deeds that have accompanied the facist progress. it's philosophy the ends justify the means and elites can make a better choice than individuals. that it's the antithesis of what james madison and george washington and ben franklin fought and lived their lives for. now... i want to show you politics of still under construction. but first, remember this, is what barack obama said that he was against you know, old
2:26 am
style of politics and he hated it. >> that is a politics of the past. we're offering politics of the future. we're tired of the politics of fear. we're going to offer the politics of hope. >> that is the politics of the past. we're looking at politics of the future. >> the american people were ready for something new. they were tired of a politics that was all about tearing each other down and wanted a politics about lifting the country up. >> people wanted to see a politics that wasn't about tering -- tearing each other down, but about lifting country up. >> that sounds great. a lot of talk about hope, change and lifting people up. not tearing them down. sounded so great during the election. but, i ask do you feel like the zboft lifting you up and giving you a lot of straight talk now? if you disagree with this administration welcome tolt politics of destruction. you tow the party line, or you'll be attacked when december senator lieberman was
2:27 am
against the health care bill the washington blogger wrote, quote, lieberman seems primarily motivate bid torturing liberals, that is to say he seems willing to cause the death of hundreds of thousands of people just to settle an old electoral score. wow. i have said i have a major critic of senator lieberman but take a look at that just a moment. they say lieber was man was okay with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people for political gains? i am sure glad that we have in the past politics of fear and division and helping people up instead of tearing people down. if a politician keeps going on because they have a spine i showed you how they'd get their critics to attack the politicians families. these people so desperate to pass their reform that liberal groups went after hadassah
2:28 am
lieberman. a global ambassador for susan gkomen for breast cancer research. oh, my gosh. blogger jane ham yesher attacked the wife of senator lieberman arks tacked her charity work, chair by ti because jane didn't like the way the senator was leaning on health care, again. i'm glad we moved past politics of division. we also told you on that program that jane hampshire used to date that guy. chief of fdiu, andy stern. why am i not surprised? liberal blogger, as far as we know, she's still blogging liberally. but what if you're a group like the tea party movement? you went to the movement or a town meet something you're a
2:29 am
hate monger, just uneducated a red neck or just be led along to slaughter by fox news. >> obama barbers this is not representative of everybody in america this is organize bid three different conservative groups. >> you get the general tennor of this. it's antigovernment. anticnn and highly promoted by the right wing conservative network, fox. >> let's be honest about what this is about. it's not about bashing democrats or taxes they have no idea what the boston tea party was b they don't know their history this, is about hating a black man in the white house this, is racism, straight up. it's nothing but a budge of red necks. >> this is funded by the high-end we call it astro turf. it's not a grass roots movement. it's astro turf by some of the wealthyest people of america. >> it's unbelievable.
2:30 am
they're so stupid they don't even know their mist history. if they can't destroy you, they just erase you. do you remember when the person of the year was named? something, someone was missing. watch this. >> i can't think of anyone else that might have affected this country at all in the last year, time magazine can't think of any, i don't know. any protestors or anything? i can't think of a single, there haven't been any disagreement was this president. just thinking. who could it be? who are they missing you know? there is is no questions asked, right? isn't that tea party thing going on? 9-12 movement? it wasn't even in the year in pictures. how do you do a year in picture was out the pictures of the people standing in the
2:31 am
mall or standing there at the town hall meet something oh. the progressives may have forgot again you tea party goers but we've not. they use these tactics to buy time but what are they buying time for? for what? fundamental transformation of america. the dream that began over 100 years ago. they need the structure and they're just about finishing building it. two to five times more polluted than the air outside. smoke, germs, viruses, allergens, pet dander, even smelly and potentially harmful voc compounds can actually be floating in the air you're breathing! but now you can clean that air with the incredible oreck xl professional air purifier. and if you call and order now you'll pay no interest ever! the secret to oreck's effectiveness is its patented truman cell filter.
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from america's news headquarters president barack obama promising security changes after that failed bomb tack on christmas day. the president says the near disaster cannot be blamed fon just one person but now ordering immediate changes in how potential threats will be handle aid report just released said the government had plenty of information to keep this suspect umar farouk abdulmutallab off the detroit-bound plane. the suspect indicted on wednesday. a deadly explosion in a steel plant in indiana that blast in portage killing a worker and injuring four others. local fire chief saying the cause might have been water somehow reaching molten steel. reports show the workers were investigating a water leak. the city of portage is about
2:36 am
135 northeast of indianapolis. thanks for watching fox. >> today i am showing the structure of our modern day progress yifz. what they want for america and the single most important piece of structure is government-run health care. i have warned against passing health care over and over again. america's picture is being transformed and we're not noticing it. none of the small stuff is as important as the fundamental changes currently being made to how our country works. this is even the health care bill this, bill in any form must not pass and i don't you the reason they want to pass health care. here it is. what? do the progressives met over
2:37 am
health care. control? answer number one... and contlol -- control of what? control over you. progressives think you're too selfish, greedy and too stupid. snun else needs to nudge you this, is why progressives push for more regulation. they know better than you. there is a perfect weapon because it can be twisted into anything and into guns. they're dangerous and carbon will hurt everybody. food, cigarettes, beer, video games, you name it. they control it. and if you're burdening our system guess what? prohibition. bloggers will call me crazy.
2:38 am
i don't think they're going to ban beer again. no. they'll just tax it out. because now there is a tax code. progressives in washington instead of arguing facts use their old hero saul olinski. >> if you get sick, america, the republican health care plan is this. die quickly. that is right. the republicans want to you die quickly if you get sick oof course they do. no. i just don't want politicians deciding on what i can and cannot eat. what can i can and cannot drive. see how high i can set the thermostat. i'm a fan of a little thing called personal liberties. and this is one giant leap for progressive control. it's all being sold to america as if it's our right to have health care. watch this. this should be played on every news channel in america at the top of the hour until people
2:39 am
hear it. it's senator tom hankin. watch this. >> this is health care as a privilege and as a right w these votes and votes we're taking before christmas we'll cross that line and say that health care is a right. >> and this is, he went on and right after they met in the senate and talked about how congress is creating a new right and don't worry just building a bigger house, it's fantastic. it's not a right. fdr tried to make it a right with his second bill of rights. our courage regulatory tsar has a book out on the unfinished revolution called second bill of rights. and now, wait a minute, how can tom hankin say they've created a right? created a right? harkin is declaring congress
2:40 am
as god wex know where the rights come from if you read the declaration there is a phrase on whether those rights come from. you may have heard it before. this goes something like this. we hold these truths to be self evident. all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights among these are live, liberty and pursuit of happiness. were you listening to that tom? barack obama? endow bid the creator. not endowed by senator or regulatory tsar or president. god is the grantor of rights. no one else. and that is politics of the past. politics of the founding. the progressives like fdr and harkin want you to be dependent on them. not dependent on your self and god, well that is just a secondry thought f god doesn't
2:41 am
exist, if god is somehow or another cut out of the rights process you get all of your rights from government. that is in essence what our founders fought against, government bestowing rights because what the government give yej, the government can take yej away. if you disobey, guess who loses their right? if you eat too many chips, you fatty, fat, fatso? it's costing the system. you do, fatty. that is crazy, right? really? let me ask you this. does anymore remember the british nurse who got a job in new zealand? told she couldn't live there because her bmi came out to 55.2 costing new zealand $25,000. she couldn't live there because she's too fat. why? government-run health care.
2:42 am
this is what the most dangerous man in america, i believe slrx leading us towards this, is why you should be fighting the secretary of hhs is mentioned 2500 times. that is more than one time per page. over all, and more than 1600 of those times having authority to create or define things in the health care bill. this is because they'll be decided on who does, and does not get rights because rights no longer come from god in america. at least fdr tried to make the pitch to the american people. harkin and rest in control today, letting american people we don't need to pitch a second bill of rights to americans. they just do it. sold saying comes to find. disobedience to tyranny. back in a moment. :w:w
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>> and they built a tower to the sky. that is about the tourer of babble gone through my mind since september 11th. in their arrow against will be their undoing. it's what i fear about america. it's the joy very and the
2:47 am
arrogance of the progressive movement. there is the way they've responded to a show where he mentioned art of rockefeller plaza. i want to you know right up i'm a huge fan of the art in rockefeller plaza. i have ay creation in the office of one of the things over the front doors of 30 rockefeller plaza. it's beautiful art. i'm an art fan. i don't want art destroyed thachl show was in september z they're still, still arks tacking me for it. here is what i said that started this fire storm. watch this. >> this is the door frame of the building. there is this man and this man there. is lead over there. this must be the worker. yes. there is a hammer here. yes. there is another, oh, the farmer.
2:48 am
this is a hammer, where has anyone seen that before? this is it. this is from moss skou. >> what they went crazy is when i talked about when i talked about the fascist symbols italy. and here is what they said about me. >> i work and msnbc comes to you from and at a communist facist building. an evil building. and this is true because glen beck has telled me so. >> i believe it's told. >> new york magazine art critic said i did. and batty eight minute ranting tying together nbc sof yilt union, un, architecture and public art in new york.
2:49 am
no. i think you missed the point. challenging me to cure yait two exhibitions. one i liked and one where art that should be destroyed should be in, again, you missed the point but what do i expect from egghead who's dent listen and are arrogant. huffington post said this, there is another one of the crazy conspiracy theoris. yes. but let me introduce you guys do this book. it's not written by me, this is the art that i said had been destroyed that head up facism. here it s art is labor. labor is art. this is advance forever, advance forever. there is outrage because this is too much like musselini this, is the one part i talked about it. i want to bring in the art i
2:50 am
showed that was not destroy that had is still there. let me just give you a line here. this panel escaped censure surviving purelies a work of art because it lacked obvious controversial mottoes and was not surrounded by blatant symbols of facism. maybe you art critics should read the books written by art critics. this has been nearly five months now. they can't seem to let go. maybe because sefdz right there in front of millions of new yorkers every day. doesn't make it evil or building evil. this is just about the truth. another case, closed. back in a moment.
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2:54 am
>> but the president signed an order before christmas, quote, designing interpol as a public international organization entitled to enjoy privileges exemptions and immunities. why? i have been trying to find out the answer, why and no one in the white house will respond. who can tell me what special interest group asked for this? if it were about terror, why not tell us about it when you sign it? this congress attacks our cia and fbi but the european group interpol give immunity to? why? this doesn't make sense.
2:55 am
and perhaps the oweddest part is that the story was reported on in the "new york times". yeah. they have been doing a lot that have lately. i mean there is another story that maybe double checked to see if i was reading the new york times. they seem to be getting it now on the economy making me question. last week they had a sfroi about president obama's home loan problems not working quote, the obama administration's $75 kbrinl program has been pronounced a disappointment and some economists and real estate experts contend it's doing more harm than g another one about the fed incompetence raises question why should congress or anyone else that has had faith the future fed officials will recognize the next bubble? seeing they missed this one. did ron ball suddenly get a jobs a reporter at "new york times"? or do we need to reevaluate
2:56 am
everything? not only be many american watch dogs on top of things it appears "new york times" is beginning to catch on. seriously wh. "new york times" says maybe we shouldn't give government more power and call out of a failed socialist program, something is stirring in america. we'll be right back.
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